Is the InstaMarketer Workshop right for me?

More followers! More engagement! More SALES!

There are over 1 billion users on Instagram but what good does that do you if you have no idea how to stand out in the crowd, find your ideal followers or connect with your audience? If you are an entrepreneur or influencer or just a person who wants to share their ideas, journey or service with the world Instagram is the best way to do that.

The InstaMarketer Workshop is a 2.5 hour long information-packed video workshop of nonstop learning designed to 10X your Instagram!

The InstaMarketer Workshop is for if you:

- Have no idea what to do on Instagram

- Do not want to spend thousands of dollars on ads 

- Want to make daily sales on Instagram

- Have no Instagram marketing plan or one that is not working 

- Cannot grow your Instagram account no matter what you try

- Are overwhelmed by what to post or how often to

- Are not sure how to use feed posts, stories, or reels 

- Have a story or journey that needs to be shared with the world

- Desire to be an influencer but don’t know where to begin

How it started vs. How it's going

I gained 27,000 hyper targeted ideal followers in just 7 months! No expensive ads, no viral video, no celebrity shoutouts and no spam bots. Then I turned those incredible people into a tribe of paying customers eager to buy whatever I sell!

What will I learn in the InstaMarketer Workshop?

I specifically designed this workshop for beginners. We start off with the very basics then build into the more advanced tactics to Instagram marketing. If you have been using Instagram for months or even years and find yourself stuck, lost, overwhelmed or your follower count is stagnant the InstaMarketer Workshop will help you figure out what is going wrong with your page and exactly what to do to fix it! 

In the InstaMarketer Workshop you will learn: 

- Hacks, tips, and tricks I used to gain 29,000 followers in 7 months

-Why you should never use a personal account on IG

- How to create content that attracts your ideal followers ONLY

- What every channel on Instagram does and how to use it  

- How I use my Instagram bio to get followers fired up and ready to buy! 

- Hashtag strategies that actually work! 

- Everything you need to know about your target audience

- Instagrams suggested posting schedule and how to meet it

- How to build an authentic tribe of engaged followers that are eager to see your content

Yes, hashtags DO work!

I love hashtags and you will to with my proven hashtag strategies to 10x your Instagram!


As a special FREE bonus inside is the InstaMarketer Workshop you will find the InstaMarketer mini workbook. This printable workbook asks the right questions to help you uncover what has been holding back your Instagram and action steps to get you going! 


The InstaMarketer Workshop is not for lazy people or people who want to make money fast on Instagram. I believe in growing a real organic audience of not followers but a tribe of people that authentically believe in you and your product or service. No fake followers, spam bots or fake likes here. If you are not willing to put in the work but you expect your Instagram to grow magically this is not the workshop for you. The InstaMarketer Workshop is a tool; you have to do the job. 


  • I never get new followers on Instagram. Will this work for me?

    New followers come as a result of niching down your offer, refining your target audience then creating content just for them! I will show you how to do that inside the InstaMarketer Workshop.

  • I gain followers and even get really cool comments sometimes but no one ever actually buys anything from me. Can you help me

    It is our job as the brand owner to tell followers what to do. Inside the InstaMarketer Workshop, I will teach you how to use C.T.A.'s that compel followers to take action and complete the sale.

  • My engagement sucks! Is that something that can be fixed by your class?

    With only 18,000 followers I have been able to reach as many as 2 million accounts on Instagram! I will teach you my strategies inside. You will learn that increasing engagement is not as hard as you think it is when you have a strategy!

From comments to conversions!

Followers are nice but website traffic and sales are even better! Learn to send this much traffic to your website for free using Instagram. Inside the InstaMarketer Workshop.
driving traffic to your website from instagram

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