And you can too!

I failed on Instagram for two long years before I learned the formula for success.

Yep, I spent two years with just over 1,000 followers on Instagram. After putting in tons of hours creating content, crafting and re-crafting my bio, and trying a million different hashtags I had almost nothing to show for it. Every post would launch to about two dozen likes and the only engagement I'd get was from my real-life friends.

I had no strategy and no clue what to post and my engagement was a joke. I could barely make a sale and the handful that I did make only came from running expensive confusing ads. My brand was totally failing and I was ready to completely give up on Instagram. 

Before I deleted my account for good I forced myself to give Instagram one more try with a mapped out marketing plan. That's when EVERYTHING changed! 

How it started vs. How it's going

After developing an Instagram marketing plan I gained 27,000 hyper-targeted ideal followers in just 7 months! No expensive ads, no viral video, no celebrity shoutouts, and no spambots. Then I turned those people into a tribe of paying customers eager to buy whatever I sell!

The game changer

Scraping everything I thought I knew about Instagram for a laser focused intentional plan took my IG from zero to a hundred real quick!

I spent the next few weeks testing every single feature of Instagram. I revamped my bio dozens of times, memorized what all the insights meant, tested every guru's theory I could find on Youtube until I found EXACTLY what Instagram really wants from us. I hate to think of how popular my page would be if I had this formula two years ago; not to mention how much money I've missed out on!

$30,000 in 30 days!

No paid ads. No influencers. No Tik Tok dances. Just the proven techniques you will learn inside!

Mastering organic sales on Instagram was the game changer I desperately needed to save my business and the best part about it is that you can do it too! Never rely on expensive, confusing Facebook ads or sketchy influencers to make sales ever again.
making organic sales on Instagram

The reviews are in!



Asia, I’m so happy I signed up for your class. It was money well spent!! I have 13 pages of valuable and usable notes to improve my brand. The biggest takeaways for me are doubling down on my niche and identifying my target audience. I am so excited to put it all to use. Thank you so much!!!

All the tools!

Quentin M.

I just wanted to thank you again for just setting up this Insta Marketer Workshop. It really gave me the clarity and detail that I needed for my brand and my business so I can start implementing immediately to get the results that I need to make this business real and not just playing around on the gram and not getting it. You gave me exactly the tools that I need and it's all up to me now you did your part. I gotta do my part. So I really appreciate the workshop your energy your personality and all the hard work you put into giving us what we needed to really blow up. Look forward to anything else you come out with keep doing what you're doing and thanks again.

Over delivered!


The instamarketer workshop was great! I loved the intimate setting and Asia's energy. There was so much information provided and there were even things that I thought I had down-packed that she helped clarify even more. Definitely over-delivered 🙌🏼 I'm glad I attended!

Worth the money

Brianna P.

This workshop literally set me up for greatness. It was brand new information. So that means it was worth paying for. It wasn’t information that’s generic or has already been said by other social media experts. I love love love this course and will be referring to it constantly!!! So excited to start a brand new stream of income and use this as a tool to kickstart a new luxe lifestyle!!!!

I took so many more notes than I thought I would need to.

Jasmin W.

I absolutely loved it! You are always dropping gems and this webinar was no exception! I’m glad I took notes because whew 😅 I learned so many new things! Thanks again 💕

Telling my friends about this one

Tony D.

This class was very informative! I’m telling all my friends about you and this course. I loved every min. You were clear, the quality of the videos was great and you touched on everything!


Tilia J.

Sis did amazing! I needed to learn the tricks of the IG trade and Asia delivered. Kind and helpful, her spirit is so giving. Thank you Queen!

Long class but so worth the time.


This course was very informative and AMAZING 🤩!

As a bonus just for you...

  • Mini Workbook

    The InstaMarketer Mini Workbook is a perfect companion piece to the workshop! Print it out to use alongside our class to map out the answers to your most burning questions about Instagram!

  • Lifetime Access

    With over 2.5 hours of focused instruction, you will want to review the InstaMarketer Workshop a few times. You now have unlimited lifetime access to the class.

  • Instagram Community

    Stay connected to our Instagram community where I drop daily tips, tricks and mega hacks to make the algorithm your best friend and get all the latest updates on Instagram's new features.

The InstaMarketer Workshop is for you if you...

  • Can't seem to  grow your following
  • Have no idea what to post on Instagram
  • Are not sure how to use Hashtags, Reels, Stories or IGTV
  • Want to make money on Instagram
  • Do not want to rely on Facebook ads or influencers to make sales in your business
  • Want a crystal clear plan for Instagram success

From comments to conversions!

Followers are nice but website traffic and sales are even better! Learn how to send this much traffic to your website for free using Instagram inside the InstaMarketer Workshop.
driving traffic to your website from instagram

What's inside the InstaMarketer Workshop?

  • 2.5 hours of pure hyper-focused instruction, designed to take you from IG beginner to a pro on the gram
  • How to optimize your bio to start making money TODAY
  • A detailed map of how to create content that attracts your ideal followers ONLY 
  • A breakdown of what every channel of Instagram does and how to use it
  • Hashtag strategies that actually work
  • How to figure out precisely who your target audience is and why that is the most important factor to success on IG
  • The exact posting schedule Instagram recommends you stick to for massive growth
  • Hacks, tips, tools and tricks I used to gain 27,000 followers in 7 months

Yes, hashtags DO work!

I love hashtags and you will too with my proven hashtag strategies to 10x your Instagram!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do I need to understand about Instagram to take this class?

    Absolutely nothing! Whether you are on day one or day one thousand there is so much more to learn about actually winning Instagram.

  • I never get new followers on Instagram. Will this work for me?

    New followers come as a result of niching down your offer, refining your target audience then creating content just for them! I will show you how to do that inside the InstaMarketer Workshop.

  • I gain followers and even get really cool comments sometimes but no one ever actually buys anything from me. Can you help me

    It is our job as the brand owner to tell followers what to do. Inside the InstaMarketer Workshop, I will teach you how to use C.T.A.'s that compel followers to take action and complete the sale.

  • My engagement sucks! Is that something that can be fixed by your class?

    With only 18,000 followers I have been able to reach as many as 2 million accounts on Instagram! I will teach you my strategies inside. You will learn that increasing engagement is not as hard as you think it is when you have a strategy!

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Social proof: reviews

5 star rating

Very Informative

Yara Brown

This was a great investment. Asia provided many gems and hacks to help navigate the Instagram marketing landscape without the use of ads. I'm excited to pu...

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This was a great investment. Asia provided many gems and hacks to help navigate the Instagram marketing landscape without the use of ads. I'm excited to put what I've learned into practice.

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5 star rating


Sabrina Wright

5 star rating

Awesome Training!

Kim McDuffie

Information on point! Asia covers everything you would like to know about starting or improving your IG account/page! Glad I purchased this course; will imp...

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Information on point! Asia covers everything you would like to know about starting or improving your IG account/page! Glad I purchased this course; will implement a lot of what has been shared.

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4 star rating

Don't Hesitate, Just Do It

Dominique Griffin

I started posting on my business page at the beginning of May 2021. I have been struggling with Instagram and had no idea what I was doing wrong. This course...

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I started posting on my business page at the beginning of May 2021. I have been struggling with Instagram and had no idea what I was doing wrong. This course helped me identify my target audience, my niche and how to use the platform to complete my goals. I definitely was able to take away some really great gems and would recommend this to someone else. Asia gave a full deep dive into to IG and I feel a little less unsure about how to use it for my business. Thank you, Asia!

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